The Peterson-Pew Budget Commission met from 2009 to 2011 to make recommendations about how to improve the nation’s fiscal future. This site is historical and not regularly updated.

Lou Kerr

Mrs. Kerr is an active leader in the community of Oklahoma City as well as the state and the country. She is president and chair of The Kerr Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Kerr is involved in many activities, boards and philanthropic endeavors. Ms. Kerr sits on many boards, including the Women's Leadership Board of the John F. Kennedy School of Government-Harvard University, University of Oklahoma International Programs Center with Ambassador Edward Pekins and Ambassador Edwin Corr, UMB-Oklahoma Bank, Lyric Theatre, the International Business Forum, and the Advisory Board for the Oklahoma Health Center Foundation. She is chair of the Capitol Preservation Commission for Oklahoma, a national trustee for the National Symphony Orchestra, and serves on the Truman Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee. In 1995, President Clinton appointed her to the Oklahoma City Scholarship Fund Advisory Board.
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