The Peterson-Pew Budget Commission met from 2009 to 2011 to make recommendations about how to improve the nation’s fiscal future. This site is historical and not regularly updated.



The Peterson-Pew Commission includes some of the nation’s preeminent experts to make recommendations for how best to strengthen the budget process used by federal lawmakers. It draws on the work of many technical advisers as well as White House, OMB, CBO, and congressional staff. Below are a few resources on budget sustainability and process reform.


Reports and Bills

CRS Introduction to the Federal Budget Process

President’s Commission on Budget Reform

Congressional Budget Act of 1974

Budget Enforcement Act of 1990

CBO's Long-Term Budget Outlook

JCT Publications on Tax Expenditures


Outside Websites

Congressional Budget Office

Office of Management and Budget

Government Accountability Office

House Budget Committee

Senate Budget Committee 

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

OECD: Budgeting and Public Expenditures


About the Commission




The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget is the parent organization of the US Budget Watch Project. It is a bipartisan, non-profit group committed to educating the public about issues that have significant fiscal policy impact. The Committee is made up of some of the most important budget experts in the country including many of the past Directors of the Budget Committees, the Congressional Budget Office, the Office of Management and Budget and the Federal Reserve Board.

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established by Pete Peterson – businessman, philanthropist, and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce. The Foundation is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the nature and urgency of key fiscal challenges threatening America's future and to accelerating action on them. To address these challenges successfully, we work to bring Americans together to find and implement sensible, long-term solutions that transcend age, party lines and ideological divides in order to achieve real results.

The Pew Charitable Trusts is driven by the power of knowledge to solve today’s most challenging problems. The Trusts apply a rigorous, analytical approach to improve public policy, inform the public, and stimulate civic life. The Trusts partner with a diverse range of donors, public and private organizations, and concerned citizens who share a commitment to fact-based solutions and goal-driven investments to improve society.

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